Proposal 17: Additional requirements to CAT A2

Additional requirements for CAT A2: ‘Small drones’ < 25 kg
— Any drone sold as a consumer product which is heavier than 4 kg could comply with the applicable general product safety Directive and shall have the means to automatically limit the airspace it can enter and the means to allow automatic identification.
— Operation in the ‘limited-drone zones’ is not permitted in the ‘open’ category for drones with a take-off mass above 4 kg.
— For any operation over 50 m above ground, the pilot needs to have basic aviation awareness.
— Any failures, malfunctions, defects or other occurrences that lead to severe injuries to or fatalities of any person need to be reported to the Agency.

Ich plädiere die Limite bei 150m AGL zu setzen. Darüber “basic aviation awareness”, die durch ein Online-Training geprüft wird.

Die Forderung des Geofencing und der Identifikation ist grundsätzlich sinnvoll.

Allerdings stellen sich dazu einige Fragen und Probleme, wozu ich auf meinen Betirag zu “Proposal 6” verweise.